..... to making the world a better place

Investing in Tomorrow

..... in companies that share our vision

Promoting Development

..... that is sustainable, inclusive, reaching out to the underprivileged

Unwavering Commitment

..... to the highest levels of integrity, transparency and diversity

Our Vision Statement

To inspire, encourage and stimulate investments for a better future

Mission Statement

Making the world a better, livable place with investments in companies committed to sustainable development for the benefit of mankind

What Inspires Us

We truly believe that we can contribute to a better, happier, healthier world
through our holding companies

What Excites Us, Drive Us

Ajna, the third, intuitive eye is the philosophy that is a cornerstone of Ajna Holdings philosophy. We have created an ecosystem that supports environment-friendly, sustainable development and progress across the world.

Shareholders & Investors

We invest in companies that have potential for rapid, explosive profitable growth

Portfolio Companies

Our holding companies are diverse - technology, construction, large projects, movies, trading, sporting, animation

Sustainable Development

Our holding companies share our common dreams of making a positive impact on the world

Changing The World

Our team really believes that it can change the world by nurturing ideas, technologies, people and companies for a better world